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Nvr Enuff Polish – The World Es Mi Familia Collection!

Hi everyone! I am very excited to share this newest collection with you from Nvr Enuff Polish. In total seriousness, this might be my all time favorite NEP collection. Introducing The World Es Mi Familia Collection – inspired by Disney Pixar’s COCO. I adore this movie so much and while there have been Disney inspired polishes from NEP in the past, I do believe this is the first full collection inspired by a Pixar movie.

These polishes will be available first at the San Antonio Indie Shop on Saturday, October 13th and online on Saturday, October 20th. They will retail individually for $11 or you may purchase the full set for $50 (I HIGHLY recommend you do the latter). These colors perfectly embody the beauty and vibrancy of this film, the formulas are fantastic and there is a color for everyone! Now let’s look at the swatches:

Remember Me


“Remember Me” is inspired by the true meaning of the lullaby and love offered to baby Mama Coco from her papa. She is a stunning bright yet deep raspberry red mega holo. Shown is two coats and top coat.


Un Poco Loco


“Un Poco Loco” is inspired by Miguel crossing the Marigold bridge into the Land of the Dead and finally finding his courage to play on stage! It is also Miss Mary’s favorite song to sing when watching the movie. She is a fiery orange packed full of micro and large gold flakes, a golden spark, and linear holo. I used three thin coats and top coat for this. If you have shorter nails or don’t care too much about visible nail line, two coats covers beautifully.


Skeleton Walk


“Skeleton Walk” is inspired by the silly way Miguel tries to blend in with the skeletons once he has arrived in the new world! She is a gorgeous lime green party color. When you move her around, you’ll see flashes of orange/green/gold flakies, pink and blue sparkles and linear holo. Shown is three thin coats and top coat. Again, you can get away fully with two coats if you have shorter nails.


The World Es Mi Familia


“The World Es Mi Familia” is inspired by the connection music offers at bringing Miguel as his family together. He is his heart knew his calling and never gave up his drive to become what he loved WITH the blessing of his family! She is a beautiful deep ocean blue packed full of green/gold sparks, blue/purple/aqua shifting flakes, galaxy glitters and linear holo. Shown is two coats and top coat.


La Llorona


“La Llorona” is Mama Imelda’s song she performs and is a great turning point in the film, showing Miguel that she didn’t truly hate music, she was only protecting her heart from further pain caused by her true love of music. She is a deep royal purple with a sharp pink shift, gold edges, a splash of white flakes and tons of linear holo! Shown is two coats and top coat.


If you’re a COCO fan, you need this entire collection. If you’re a nail polish addict, you need this collection. I don’t think I could gush any more over how beautiful these polishes are. You can pick them up in person if attending the San Antonio Indie Shop on October 13th. Otherwise, these will be released at 11AM PST on October 20th in the NEP shop.

XOXO, Dani

1 thought on “Nvr Enuff Polish – The World Es Mi Familia Collection!”

  1. I don’t think there’s been a recent Disney movie that pulled at my heartstrings as much as Coco, it was so cute and touching. So awesome to see an entire collection inspired by the film, it was so colorful that you would think it would provide never ending inspiration :] Un Poco Loco and Skeleton Walk are just… WOW. Love the gold flakes in both *__*


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